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Relaxation Audio with Candi is a relaxation podcast with peaceful relaxation scripts for sleep, stress relief, and health.

Listening to relaxation audio can help to reduce stress, and relaxation exercises can also help you get to sleep. If you are experiencing insomnia, stress, or anxiety — or if you just want to relax — this podcast can help you feel relaxed and calm.

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Everyone is welcome to listen, and you will find a variety of types of relaxation techniques that are suited to different needs and preferences. This podcast is based on a Christian foundation, and includes exercises to relax the body and mind, such as muscle relaxation, calm breathing, stretching, and using the imagination to picture a relaxing place.

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What is Relaxation?

Before we discuss relaxation, let’s talk a bit about stress. Our bodies are designed to cope with dangerous situations by engaging the fight or flight response, also known as the stress response.

The Stress Response

You probably know all about the stress response. Your heart beats faster, muscles tighten up, breathing becomes fast and shallow. These are the actions of the sympathetic nervous system. There are also changes that we cannot as easily see. Blood pressure goes up. Digestion slows down. Blood can clot more easily. More blood flows to large muscles. These are just some of the changes associated with the stress response.

All of these changes happen automatically. You don’t have to think about getting ready for physical action. Your body does this on its own. As a result, the stress response prepares the body for physical action.

The Relaxation Response

After the stress response allows the body to deal with the situation, then the body returns to normal. This happens because the parasympathetic nervous system activates to reverse the stress response. In other words, the body returns to a normal state. A normal state is also called equilibrium.

Once the relaxation response starts, the body goes through changes to return to normal. Breathing slows. Muscles relax. Digestion returns to normal. Blood pressure goes down. In summary, the changes are the opposite of the stress response. Dr. Herbert Benson described this response in his book, the Relaxation Response (1975). This book explains how to use relaxation techniques to deliberately cause this response in the body.

Relaxation techniques allow the parasympathetic nervous system to activate. Not only does relaxation help with feeling more relaxed and calm, relaxation techniques are also associated with many health benefits. For example, decreased muscle tension, lower blood pressure, improved digestion, an improved immune system, and better sleep are just some of the benefits of relaxation techniques.

How to Relax

Now that you know how relaxation can be helpful, you might want to try relaxation techniques. You may find relaxation techniques helpful to reduce stress and help get rid of feelings of tension. Also, practicing relaxation techniques regularly can even help to lower blood pressure. In addition, relaxation audio can help you get to sleep.

Are you ready to relax? Listen to relaxation audio for free on this site and on my podcast.

Listen to Free Relaxation Audio Downloads

If you would like to get started with relaxation techniques, try guided relaxation audio. The relaxation audio downloads on this site will walk you through each technique. All you have to do is listen, follow along, and then relax with these relaxation audio downloads.

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Benson, H. (1975). The relaxation response. New York: William Morrow.