Relaxation for Tired Feet

If your feet feel tired and sore at the end of the day, relaxation for tired feet can help. This exercise focuses on warming and relaxing the feet, including some autogenic relaxation techniques.

Relaxation for Tired Feet

If your feet feel tired and sore at the end of the day, relaxation for tired feet can help. This exercise focuses on warming and relaxing the feet. Find more peaceful relaxation scripts for sleep, stress relief, and health at  

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Relaxation for Tired Feet: Full Relaxation Script

Find a comfortable position to relax. You may want to sit with your feet up, or lie down on your back with a pillow behind your knees and ankles. 

Wiggle your toes a little…allowing the movement to focus your attention on your feet. Curl your toes, and hold this position briefly. Breathe slowly. 

Now stretch your toes out and extend them back toward the top of your feet, moving your feet toward your shins to stretch the back of your legs a little. Hold this position for a moment. 

Now point your toes, and stretch your feet out straight, pointing your feet and toes down and away from your shins. Hold for a moment. And now release. 

Let’s repeat these exercises. First, curl your toes. Take a breath in, and then relax your toes as you exhale. Breathe slowly as you rest with your feet relaxed.

Now spread your toes out and bring your feet up toward your shins, pointing your heels down. Take a deep breath, and then relax your feet as you breathe out. Continue to breathe.

Point your toes now, tensing your calf muscles. Hold this position. Take a breath, and slowly exhale as you relax your feet and legs. 

And now, just relax. Let your feet return to a neutral position. Take another deep breath in through your nose, and slowly exhale through your mouth. Keep breathing slowly, letting your body relax.

Focus on your feet. Notice how your feet feel, and imagine your feet becoming ever so slightly warmer. Imagine a feeling of warmth on the bottoms of your feet…just a little bit of warmth, as if the sun was shining on the bottoms of your feet. 

Picture your toes warming and relaxing…becoming gradually warmer.

Imagine that your feet feel heavy…so pleasantly heavy. Picture your feet getting heavier. Sinking down…down…relaxing.


Now imagine tracing a line around the edges of your feet. Let’s start at the right heel, and imagine tracing up the outside of your right foot, toward your little toe. Go slowly, and imagine the lightest touch tracing along the outline of your right foot. Moving from the right heel, to the outside of your foot, to the little toe of your right foot. Imagine tracing around the perimeter of this toe, and tracing along to the next toe…and the next…ever so slowly moving to the next toe…and then the big toe of your right foot. Take your time as you imagine tracing up the inside of the big toe, over the tip, and down the outside of the big toe. Imagine tracing along the perimeter of the inside of your right foot…all the way to your right heel where you started.

Let your right foot relax…feeling so heavy, and warm, and relaxed.


Now picture your left foot, and imagine starting at the left heel and tracing along the outside perimeter of your left foot. Up to the little toe of your left foot. Up the outside of this toe, over the tip, and down the inside to meet the next toe. Picture slowly tracing around each toe…moving to the middle toe…and the next one…and the big toe. Slowly trace around the big toe of your left foot, and then along the inside edge of your foot, and back to where you started at your left heel.

Allow your left foot to relax completely…heavy, warm, and relaxed.


Imagine that any feelings of tension can drain out the tips of your toes and away. Imagine tension leaving…flowing downward to your ankles…to your heels…and then to your feet…then to your toes…and then to the tips of your toes…and away. Leaving only relaxation. 


Let your feet completely relax…feeling even heavier…warmer…


Allow any tension to drain away…leaving just relaxation and calm. 


Let your feet become so completely relaxed…so heavy…so warm…feeling so good and relaxed.


Relax for a few more moments…so calm and relaxed.


When you are ready to conclude this relaxation for tired feet, you can choose if you want to go to sleep or reawaken. To reawaken, take a few moments to open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and toes, and sit up slowly. When you feel fully alert, you can return to your day with your feet feeling nice and relaxed.

To go to sleep, just continue to relax, allowing the feeling of relaxation to deepen as you gradually drift off to a pleasant, peaceful sleep.

Relaxation for Tired Feet

If your feet feel tired and sore at the end of the day, relaxation for tired feet can help. This exercise focuses on warming and relaxing the feet. Find more…

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