Finding Refuge in God’s Presence: Psalm 16

This relaxation audio is a Biblical meditation about finding refuge in God’s presence. Psalm 16 is about fellowship with God and finding your happiness and joy in Him. This exercise includes meditating on the concept of finding refuge in the presence of God and a reading of Psalm 16 from the Open English Bible, available at Access the full relaxation script here.

Biblical Meditation: Refuge in God’s Presence (Psalm 16)

This relaxation audio is a Biblical meditation about finding refuge in God’s presence. This exercise includes meditating on the concept of safety with God and reading of Psalm 16. Translation from the Open English Bible, available at  Find more relaxation scripts at 

Biblical Meditation Script: Full Relaxation Script

Get ready to begin this Biblical meditation by settling into a comfortable position. Close your eyes, and for a few moments, just breathe.

Take a slow breath in, clearing your mind of any distractions.

As you breathe out, let go of tension in your body.

Breathe slowly in… and out…

In… out…

Keep breathing at your own pace. Be fully present in this moment, blocking out any distractions that may take your mind away from this time of meditation.


Take a few moments to relax your body. Relax your shoulders, lowering them as you release tension in this area.

Relax your jaw, letting your mouth rest loosely.

Now relax your hands and arms, just allowing them to go limp. Let your hands rest loosely by your sides… loose and relaxed.

Relax your legs and feet. Allow your legs and feet to be completely limp… totally relaxed.

Let your neck and back relax now. Loosening… relaxing. Let tension drain away as you relax the muscles of your neck and back. Let go of tension… just relax.

Relax your chest and stomach, completely loose and relaxed with only the gentle rise and fall of each breath.

Notice any areas of your body that feel tense, and purposely relax these areas. Let go of tension and let your muscles become loose.

Let your body relax… peaceful and relaxed.


As you relax, prepare to meditate on God’s word. Start by asking God to speak to you, and asking for wisdom and understanding to hear from Him during this time.


Now think about what it means to take refuge in God. Meditate on this concept. Consider what taking refuge in God means to you.


What does it mean for your happiness to rest in God alone? Consider what this means to you personally.


Now let’s read Psalm 16. 

Psalm 16 – The Joy of Fellowship with God

Keep me, O God, for in you I take refuge.
I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord,
my happiness rests in you alone.
Those who are holy in the land,
they, they alone, are the noble ones;
all my delight is in them.”
Those who choose other gods
find endless sorrow.
In their offerings of blood I will have no part
nor take their name on my lips.
The Lord is my share and my portion,
my fate is in your strong hands.
The boundary lines of my life
mark out delightful country,
my heritage pleases me well.
I praise the Lord for his counsel,
which so stirs my heart in the night.
I keep the Lord always in mind:
with him at my hand, I can never be moved.
So my heart is glad, there is joy inside me;
and in safety of body I live.
For you will not give me up to Sheol
nor let any who love you see the pit.
You will show me the path that leads to life,
to that fullness of joy which is in your presence,
and the pleasures dispensed by your hand evermore.

Biblical Meditation: Conclusion


Prayerfully consider the words you have just heard. Meditate on the messages from Psalm 16, and allow God to speak to you.


How does Psalm 16 apply to you personally today? What do you think God is saying to you right now?


Continue to meditate as you ponder the fullness of joy that is in God’s presence. What does this mean to you? 


Imagine the feeling of joy that can come only from God, a joy that transcends circumstances, a joy that is not dependent on any worldly thing. Consider the meaning of the fullness of joy that is in God’s presence.

As you continue to meditate on this joy, imagine how it feels. Where would you feel joy in your body? Notice if any of this feeling of joy may be present. Do you feel this joy, even if just an inkling? Or can you imagine how this joy would feel? Perhaps there is a tiny seed of joy somewhere deep within your spirit. Nurture this joy, and allow a feeling of joy to whatever extent you may feel it or imagine it. 


Now think about taking refuge in God. What does this mean to you personally?


How could you take refuge in God in your life right now? 

What burdens are you carrying today? Imagine God sharing your burdens and taking some of their weight as you take refuge in Him.


Meditate on the concept of your happiness resting in God alone. What does it mean for your happiness to rest in God? Relax now as you meditate on your happiness resting in God alone.


Let’s read Psalm 16 again, and as you hear the words for a second time, meditate deeply on the meaning God has for you in this moment. Allow God’s word to wash over you, filling you with a sense of peace, safety, and closeness to God.

(Read Psalm 16 again)

Now just relax and meditate, relaxing in the strength, safety, and peace that God has for you as you focus on His word.


Let’s conclude this meditation now by taking a moment for you to pray if you want to. Relax for a few more moments as you meditate and pray.


Now you have completed this Biblical meditation exercise. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Move your muscles and stretch if you want to, reawakening your body. Remember the concepts from Psalm 16 and how they apply to you personally. Keep with you feelings of peace, joy, and safety as you return to your usual activities, feeling refreshed.

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