Christian Relaxation

Relaxation techniques for Christians can include specific Christian relaxation scripts, and may also include physical relaxation techniques, guided imagery, prayer, worship, Biblical meditation, and other relaxation exercises that do not originate from other faith practices.

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Are Relaxation Techniques Okay for Christians?

Deciding whether to use relaxation techniques is a personal decision, and it is important to examine your own convictions to determine what is right for you. Some Christians are okay with all relaxation practices, others do not agree with using any form of relaxation technique, and others are somewhere in between. When deciding whether relaxation techniques are acceptable for Christians, here are some things to consider.

What is the origin or perspective of the relaxation script or technique?

Consider the source of the relaxation exercise. For example, if the relaxation script is written by someone who identifies as a member of a particular faith, the relaxation script may be related to the author’s faith practices.

Does the relaxation technique involve spiritual practices?

Some relaxation techniques involve spiritual practices, while others are more neutral. For example, meditation is often considered a spiritual practice (and could be Christian or non-Christian), while progressive muscle relaxation is generally considered spiritually neutral.

What kind of activities are involved in the relaxation exercise?

Examine what the relaxation exercise involves. A relaxation technique may include physical, mental, emotional, and / or spiritual elements. For instance, physical aspects of relaxation might include tightening and releasing muscles, stretching, poses, movements, and breathing. These activities might be for a combination of purposes, and can include spiritual aspects. Poses, for instance, may have a spiritual meaning.

Meditation is another example of a relaxation activity that may be based on the Bible or on something else. Biblical meditation focuses on meditating on God’s Word, while non-Christian meditation may involve focusing on a word or phrase, focusing on oneself, emptying the mind, or other meditative practices.

What types of spiritual practices do you want to be involved with?

As a Christian, you might choose to avoid spiritual practices from other faiths, and if so, you will probably want to avoid certain relaxation activities. If you feel personally convicted to avoid all relaxation activities, I recommend that you do so. It is important to follow your own convictions.

Many Christians are unsure. Are relaxation techniques okay for Christians? Which relaxation techniques are okay for Christians? Should I do a spiritual practice from another faith, such as Buddhist meditation, and substitute non-Christian concepts with Christian ones? Should I only do relaxation exercises if they are directly based on the Bible? What about hypnosis? Is hypnotherapy okay for Christians? The answers to these questions may vary among Christians, and churches may or may not have a stance related to relaxation techniques.

It can be helpful to prayerfully consider what is right for you. Pray for guidance about what practices are best for you and most honouring to God. I believe that God answers our questions. Sometimes you may think of a Bible verse related to your question, or you might come across information or a conversation that provides guidance. If you pray about relaxation techniques, God will guide you.

Relaxation for Christians

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If you are looking for Christian relaxation techniques or relaxation exercises that do not include practices that come from non-Christian sources, the relaxation scripts on this site are based on a Christian foundation. My personal perspective is that I choose to avoid activities that I believe are rooted in other faith practices. I do not do yoga, secular meditation, non-Christian spiritual meditation, or other faith-related practices that are not Christian. At the same time, I understand that there are many Christians who do activities such as yoga, and I have heard from Christians who do yoga from a Christian perspective (for example, by involving prayer and worship of God) but I feel that this is not for me. I believe that by prayerfully considering the activities we engage in, we can make informed decisions that are compatible with our personal convictions.

Christian Relaxation Scripts

While all of the relaxation scripts on this site have a Christian foundation, the following relaxation scripts are specifically Christian.