Relaxation for Health

Use relaxation for health benefits such as decreased blood pressure, reduced muscle tension, and to lessen pain. Relaxation techniques for health purposes are also known as guided imagery.

What is guided imagery?

The process involves following along with audio (guided) to imagine healthy changes (imagery). Anyone can use guided imagery.

How does guided imagery work?

By imagining healthy changes, you can actually create real physical changes in your brain and body. With guided imagery, you are in charge. In other words, you choose which ideas to focus on, and you direct your thinking to help bring about healthy changes.

Is guided imagery the same as hypnosis or hypnotherapy?

No. Guided imagery contains positive suggestions but does not use hypnosis techniques to increase suggestibility or to make you more likely to respond to suggestions. There are some similarities, however. Guided imagery, like hypnotherapy, uses positive suggestions and relaxation techniques to help you create changes.

If you are apprehensive about the idea of hypnotherapy or you have personal convictions against hypnosis, try guided imagery as an alternative. None of the relaxation scripts or relaxation audio on this site involve hypnotherapy. You can use guided imagery exercises to make positive changes and improve health while remaining fully in control of your mind. Many Christians who are looking for Christian relaxation techniques consider guided imagery to be a good alternative to hypnotherapy because of these differences, but guided imagery can be helpful for people of all faiths.

For more information about hypnosis from a Christian perspective, see Should a Christian be involved with hypnosis? and Hypnosis – Helpful, Harmful or Hoax?

How Can Relaxation Help with Health?

Relaxation techniques can be helpful in a variety of ways. Firstly, the physical effects of relaxation are beneficial. The relaxation response is the opposite of the stress response (see what is relaxation?). As a result, relaxation lowers one’s blood pressure, improves the immune system, and includes many additional physical benefits.

Secondly, focusing your mind on desired changes helps to create new pathways in the brain. Imagining yourself doing a skill can improve your physical performance of that skill. In the same way, picturing positive changes actually helps bring them about. You really can change your brain.

Combining relaxation with prayer can help to make relaxation techniques even more effective.

In conclusion, relaxation can help improve health both physically and mentally.

Relaxation for Health Scripts

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