Physical Relaxation Techniques

Stress and tension can build up, causing a variety of problems. Physical relaxation techniques help to physically relax the body. You can have less tension and relief from stress.

Person standing on a mountain top. Hiking can be relaxing.

If you find it difficult to focus on relaxation techniques, physical exercises such as stretching may be most effective. Because you can physically do something to relax your muscles, you may find active techniques easier.


One of the more common physical relaxation techniques is known as progressive muscle relaxation. According to, Dr. Edmund Jacobsen invented this technique, which involves tensing and then releasing muscle groups.

Actively tightening and then relaxing muscles is a way to feel the difference between tension and relaxation. This helps train you in how to relax.

Passive progressive muscle relaxation is an exercise that involves thinking about relaxing the muscles without actively moving them.

Getting Started with Physical Relaxation Exercises

Physical relaxation exercises may include stretching, progressive muscle relaxation, walking, or other physical exercises. You can get rid of muscle tension with these exercises.

Not all exercises are relaxing. In order to relax, do the exercises in a relaxing way that allows muscles to relax. Learn how by following along with the relaxation audio exercises below.

Physical Relaxation Audio

You can learn how to relax your body by following along with relaxation audio. The following physical relaxation audio tracks will guide you to relax your muscles through stretching, PMR, or other techniques.

More Physical Relaxation Scripts

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