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Are you looking for a relaxation exercise that you can use right now to relax? Then check out the list of recent episodes below from the Relaxation Audio with Candi podcast feed. These calming guided relaxation exercises can help with sleep, stress relief, and health.

Relaxation Audio with Candi

Podcast episode titles are listed below, or you can view all past podcast episodes here. The exercises have different areas of focus. Some are for sleep. Others involve progressive muscle relaxation, visualizing a relaxing place, or other relaxation techniques. Choose the type of relaxation exercise you are looking for by selecting a title below. Or, you can choose a category from the menu bar at the top of this page.

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5-Minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation Relaxation Audio with Candi

Do you have 5 minutes to relax? Relax your muscles with this quick 5-minute progressive muscle relaxation. Music CreditFresh Air by Kevin MacLeodLink: Go to for more peaceful relaxation scripts for sleep, stress relief, and health. When you do this quick progressive muscle relaxation exercise, remember to avoid any movements that cause discomfort. Only tighten muscles to the point that you can feel tension. If it is uncomfortable to move an area, simply think about relaxing that area instead of tensing it first. This exercise involves tensing and relaxing muscle groups to quickly release muscle tension and leave you feeling more relaxed. A great way to relax if you just have 5 minutes to spare. Skip ahead 45 seconds to get straight into the relaxation exercise.
  1. 5-Minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  2. Stargazing During a Meteor Shower and Aurora Borealis
  3. A Quick Mental Break to Calm the Mind
  4. Sleep Visualization – Painting Warm Clay to Relax Muscles
  5. Hand Rehabilitation Relaxation Exercise

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Choosing a Type of Relaxation for Your Needs

If you are wondering what type of relaxation exercise may be most helpful, here are some tips.

Progressive muscle relaxation and physical relaxation techniques involve actual movement. Moving can be helpful because your muscles actively tighten and loosen as you follow along with the relaxation exercise. This can help you relax. Some people find it easier to do a physical movement to relax rather than only focusing the mind on relaxation.

Visualizing a relaxing place can be a nice way to take a vacation in your imagination. If you like to use your imagination, these types of relaxation exercises are for you. Get comfortable, picture a relaxing place. Then, relax!

Relaxing the mind can be helpful if you are trying to feel more calm, slow racing thoughts, or reduce anxiety. If you just want to be still rather than doing a physically active relaxation technique, try these types of relaxation exercises.

To help with overcoming insomnia or getting to sleep, try these sleep relaxation exercises.

If you are targeting a particular health concern, try these relaxation for health exercises. These techniques can help deal with a health issue such as anxiety, hiccups, or a variety of other conditions.