Quick Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise

This quick progressive muscle relaxation exercise will allow you to relax your body in just a few minutes. In less than 10 minutes you will be able to relax, get rid of tension, improve mental focus, and be ready to be productive. Do this exercise a few minutes before a presentation or event to clear your mind, relax your body, and feel calm even under stress. This exercise can also help reduce muscle tension throughout the day if you are feeling tense or stressed. If you have stress-related muscle aches and pains, progressive muscle relaxation, also known as PMR, can help.

progressive muscle relaxation

First we will tense an area of the body or tighten a group of muscles. Then, we will release the tension, which allows the muscles to relax. Don’t do any movements that cause pain. Listen to your body throughout this exercise, and just move until you feel tension, but not discomfort.

You can be standing, seated, or lying down. This exercise will start with your head, and move down all the way to your feet.

Quick Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise Script

First, raise your eyebrows. Tighten your forehead and imagine tightening the top, sides, and back of your head. Imagine that your entire scalp is tense. Keep your eyebrows raised. Hold the tension…take a breath in…and then relax as you breathe out. Let the tension go, and allow your eyebrows to return to a relaxed position. 

Furrow your eyebrows down, wrinkle your nose, and close your eyes tightly. Hold this tension. Breathe in…and relax. Breathe out.

Move now to your mouth and cheeks. Tighten your mouth and hold your teeth together firmly but gently. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Even your chin should be tight. Hold this tension in your face and jaw. Feel the muscles getting tired, wanting to relax, but hold a bit longer. Take a breath in through your nose, and as you breathe out, relax. Let all the tension go. Allow your face to be completely relaxed.


Listen to the full PMR script here.

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Quick Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise

Quick progressive muscle relaxation exercise to relax in less than 10 minutes. Clear your mind and feel calm even under stress with this relaxation technique…

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