Guided Study Break: A Quick Stretch

If you have been working or studying and need to take a quick and restful break, follow along with this guided relaxation exercise to take a quick stretch. A guided study break is just the thing to help you get back to focusing at your best.

Guided study break: picture of a stack of books

Breaks can help you focus. Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy, and it is important to take regular breaks to move around.

When you follow along with this guided study break, avoid any movements that cause discomfort or pain. Make sure to listen to your body. Only stretch until you feel a slight lengthening of the muscle. The stretches should not be painful. If any stretch feels uncomfortable, ease up until you find a comfortable position, and stop if you need to.

Begin by doing some slow breathing. Stay in your current spot but adjust your posture so you are sitting up straight and tall. Shake your shoulders from side to side to take away muscle tightness. Now relax your shoulders. Let them lower slightly into a relaxed position. Raise your chin just a little, holding your head high. You can close your eyes if you want to. Breathe.


Take a deep breath in, focusing on drawing the breath all the way down with your diaphragm. Pause for a moment, and then breathe out slowly.

Breathe in again, allowing your stomach to gently rise as your diaphragm moves down to draw the air in. Pause, and then slowly breathe out, taking as much time as you can to release the air.

Breathe slowly like this, remembering to maintain good posture, sitting tall.


Now that your muscles have started to relax, let’s move around a bit and get a good stretch.

Stand up, and make sure that you have an arm’s length of space around you.

Reach up high, breathing in as you stretch your arms up toward the ceiling. Lower your arms slowly to your sides as you breathe out.

Repeat this stretch, reaching up high as you breathe in, and then lowering your arms as you breathe out.

The relaxation exercise continues here, in this audio recording available on the Relaxation Audio with Candi podcast: Guided Study Break.

A new relaxation audio recording is available each week. You can check out the latest podcast episodes on my podcast feed.