Calming Relaxation and Prayer

This calming relaxation and prayer can help you release tension, reduce anxiety, and feel calm. It includes body and muscle relaxation and a Christian prayer for releasing anxiety and worries.

The full relaxation script is available below. You can use this relaxation script to facilitate a guided relaxation group.

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calming relaxation with Christian prayer
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Calming Relaxation and Prayer (full relaxation script)

Find a place where you can take a few moments to relax undisturbed. Sit or lie down, and get comfortable.

Start by just being still. All you need to do right now is breathe. Simply rest for a moment. 

Breathe slowly in…and out…

In…and out…

Take a calming breath…and release the air slowly.

Another breath in…and breathe out…

Keep breathing slowly. Just rest now, breathing slow, calm breaths.


Now think for a moment about any tension, anxiety, or other stressful feelings you may have. Where do you notice these feelings in your body?


Releasing Tension

While you think about the tension, anxiety, or other stressful feelings, imagine that you could release them, and relax your body instead. For the next few breaths, think when you breathe in about the tension that may be present, and when you breathe out, imagine letting that tension go. 


As you inhale, squeeze your hands into fists, as if you are holding a lemon in each hand, and squeezing the juice out of the lemons. As you exhale, let your hands relax…releasing all the tension.

Breathe in, and squeeze your hands closed tightly.

And breathe out, opening your hands and releasing all the tension.

Breathe in. Squeeze. 

Now breathe out. Relax.



One more time, breathe in…squeeze.

Breathe out…relax.

Good. Now relax your hands and let them go limp and be still as you continue to take slow breaths. With every breath out, imagine releasing any tension in your body. Imagine anxiety or stressful feelings leaving your body every time you exhale.


Gentle Movements to Relax the Body

Now to further relax your body, let’s do a sequence of gentle movements and relaxation. Begin with your feet and lower legs. Wiggle your toes and gently move the muscles of your feet and lower legs. Keep moving for a few seconds. Now relax, and let your feet and legs become still. Let the muscles of your feet and lower legs relax completely. You may notice that the muscles feel a little bit tingly and relaxed. 

Notice how your feet and lower legs feel now. If there is any remaining tension in your feet and lower legs, gently move your feet and legs again for a few seconds, curling and straightening your toes and moving your feet up and down. Keep moving…and then relax. Relax your feet and lower legs.

Turn your attention to your torso now. With your arms at your sides, lean just a little bit to the right, moving your right elbow toward your right hip. Then lean just a little to the left, bringing your left elbow toward your left hip. Repeat these movements to gently move your torso from side to side. Feel the muscles of your sides gently squeezing and then releasing. Keep moving gently from side to side, just a little. And now relax. Let the muscles of your torso relax. 

Repeat one more time, gently moving your torso from side to side, engaging the muscles of your stomach and sides. And now relax. Let the muscles of your stomach and sides relax completely.

Continue to Relax the Body.

Focus now on your hands and arms. Wiggle your fingers and move your arms. Keep moving for a few seconds…and then relax. Let your hands and arms relax.

Repeat once more, wiggling your fingers and moving your arms. And now relax. Let your hands and arms go limp, relaxing completely. 

Now focus on your neck, back, and shoulders. To relax these muscles, begin with moving your shoulders. Roll your shoulders forward…keep moving…and now backward. Keep moving your shoulders for a few more seconds. Now relax. Let your shoulders be still. Let the muscles of your neck, back, and shoulders relax.

One more time, roll your shoulders forward…and back…and now relax. You may notice a relaxed feeling in your shoulders now. Let your shoulders, neck, and back relax completely.

Now consider how your whole body feels. If you notice any areas of tension, allow the muscles there to relax. If you want to, you can move the tense area a little, and then rest, allowing the area to become relaxed. Go ahead now, and look for areas of tension in your body. If you notice any tense muscles, move them a bit, and then be still, and relax.


Let Go of Anxiety, Stress, and Worries.

Now focus on how you are feeling mentally and emotionally. Allow yourself to become more calm…becoming more relaxed with each moment.


Calming Prayer

Concentrate on letting go of stress, anxiety, and worries. You may want to pray along with the following prayer to focus on giving up worries and bringing them before God. The prayer will include several pauses where you can talk to God and add your own concerns and personal prayer. 

Heavenly Father,

I come before you now to share with you how I am feeling. 


I acknowledge your holiness and greatness. I am grateful that I can talk to you. You understand exactly what I am going through, and you know my every thought. I can share anything with you. In the book of Philippians, chapter 4, verses 6 and 7, your word says “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and pleading with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” (NASB). So, Lord, I bring by requests to you now. 


Heavenly Father, I welcome your peace. I ask that you do guard by heart and mind in Christ Jesus. I pray that you protect me from worries, and remind me to bring all my concerns to you, because you care for me. 


Thank you for your peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Relaxation and Peace

Continue to relax and fully allow God’s peace to overcome any worries that may arise. I will pause now for one minute. During this time, just fully relax. Allow your body to relax, and your mind to become calm. If you notice any physical tension, allow the muscles there to relax. If you notice any worries or anxious thoughts, bring them before God in prayer, and replace these worries with peace. Just rest now…and relax.

(Pause one minute)

Continue to relax for a few moments more. 

As you conclude this relaxation exercise, keep a calm and peaceful feeling with you. As you go about your day, remind yourself to let go of any worries or tension that may arise. Remember that you can turn to prayer at any time to focus again on feeling calm and peaceful.

Take a moment now to look around, stretch if you want to, and become fully awake and alert, feeling calm.