Relaxing by a Campfire: A Sleep Relaxation Script

Picture relaxing by a campfire to relax the body and calm the mind with visualization and autogenic relaxation techniques. A calming visualization script ending in sleep.

Picture relaxing by a campfire in the forest. After relaxing by the fire and enjoying nature, imagine going into the cabin and drifting off to sleep in a cozy bed.

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Begin the Visualization Relaxation Script Here

Find a position where you can relax, such as sitting in a comfortable chair. Take a few moments to relax. Let go of all the worries of your day as you get comfortable, and start to release the tension in your body. 

Close your eyes, and turn your attention to your breathing.

Take slow, calm breaths. Breathe deeply in, lowering your diaphragm to draw in air as you allow your body to expand. Relax to breathe out, allowing the air to leave your lungs, and letting your body contract. As you take another breath, allow your stomach to rise, making room for your diaphragm to move down and draw air in through your nose. Relax, lowering your stomach as the air slowly leaves through your mouth.

Keep breathing in through the nose….and out through the mouth. Nice, slow breaths.

As you keep breathing calmly, let your body begin to relax. Imagine letting your muscles become loose. Picture your muscles as if they are tightly wound, like springs held tight and tense. Imagine the springs unwinding…loosening…releasing…

Picture the feeling of your body sinking into the chair where you are sitting…

Imagine that the springs are unwinding…loosening. Picture your muscles turning into soft string. Loose…limp…relaxed.


Start to create a picture in your mind.

Now start to create a picture in your mind. Picture yourself relaxing by a campfire. Imagine sitting in a chair next to a nice, warm campfire. It is early evening, and the sun is still up, but the sun is slowly getting closer to the horizon. 

You are in a small open area next to a river, surrounded by beautiful trees. A cabin is behind you. In front of you is a fire pit made of stones, surrounded by dirt and rocks. On the other side of the fire pit is the rocky shore of the river. It feels very natural, safe, and peaceful here. 

You can hear the water of the river flowing by. It is such a peaceful sound. 

There are mountains in the distance. Their rocky peaks rise above the treeline. You can see bits of snow near the top of the highest mountains. 

Imagine the smell of the forest.

Imagine the smell of the forest around you. There is a subtle smell of pine trees. The soft scent of soil and pine needles warmed all day by the sun. The damp smell of fog, as mist starts to rise from the river as the air begins to cool with the setting of the sun. The clean, fresh smell of the water of the river. You can smell the smoke from the fire in the fire pit. The smell is subtle. A slight breeze blows from beside you, blowing the smoke away.

Relax as you imagine the smells of the forest…the river…the campfire.


The small campfire burns with warm, orange flames that dance in the gentle breeze. You can feel the warmth from the fire. It is pleasant and relaxing.

Continue the relaxation script in the video below.

Relaxing by a Campfire

Picture relaxing by a campfire to relax the body and calm the mind with visualization and autogenic relaxation techniques. A calming visualization script end…

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