Ocean Beach Cove Visualization Relaxation

tropical white beach beside trees and rocks

Take a vacation without leaving home! This ocean beach cove visualization describes relaxing on the beach in a quiet, secluded cove.

This is a visualization relaxation exercise, also known as guided imagery. It involves picturing a peaceful place.

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Ocean Beach Cove Visualization Relaxation Script

Get ready to relax by getting comfortable. Let the worries and stress of your day disappear as you settle in and begin to create a picture in your mind. Imagine that you are up on a hill and looking down toward the ocean, watching the waves washing to shore. Each wave washes up…and then recedes. 

Relax your breathing by breathing with each wave. Breathe in as the wave washes up on shore…and breathe out as the wave recedes. Slowly in…and slowly out. 

Then breathe in…and out…

Rhythmically in, and then out…with each wave.

Keep breathing slowly like this…letting this calm breathing relax you. Allow your body to relax with each breath. And as a result, imagine the tension washing away with each wave. Imagine that each wave brings relaxation…and washes away tension.

Focus on the ocean beach cove visualization as you create more details of this picture in your mind. Imagine the hill you are standing on. It is a small hill, grassy and filled with small tropical trees. The ground is a combination of soil, sand, and volcanic rocks. A dirt path leads toward a small bay with a sheltered beach. 


Imagine standing there on the hill. The breeze ruffles your hair gently. The sun shines down. Ahead of you is the ocean, bright and blue, stretching out to a slightly hazy horizon where the greenish aqua blue ocean meets the pure blue sky. The sky is a light blue at the horizon. Imagine looking up…and see that the sky darkens to a deeper blue at the highest part of the sky. There are a few wisps of white clouds. The sky looks painted with streaks of soft white over brilliant blue. 

The ocean is a brilliant shade of aqua. Where the water is deeper, it is a deep, almost unreal shade of blue. In shallow areas, the water is bright aquamarine blue. 

Imagine walking down the gently sloped path toward the beach. You can hear the water…the calming sound of the waves as they gently wash up on the shore. As you approach the ocean,  there are rough volcanic rocks and old coral around you. You can see bigger rocks next to the beach, including some large boulders in the water.


The visualization relaxation script continues in the video below.

Ocean Beach Cove Visualization

Take a vacation without leaving home! This ocean beach cove visualization describes relaxing on the beach in a quiet, secluded cove.

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