Stop Ruminating Thinking

This relaxation to stop ruminating thinking will help quiet repetitive thoughts and give your mind a break so you can fall asleep. Overcome insomnia and get to sleep with this relaxation exercise. This relaxation exercise includes visualization of relaxing in a warm spa wax bath, and ends with sleep.

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Ruminating refers to repetitive thinking. Rumination is a common symptom of anxiety. This type of thinking can be annoying and distressing, and it can contribute to insomnia.

Relaxation to Stop Ruminating Thinking Script

There are three things we will do to help stop rumination. First (and this seems like the opposite of what you should do), take some time to allow your mind to ruminate. Second, redirect your thoughts, and third, relax the body. 

Let’s begin by allowing rumination. For 2 minutes, just let your mind go. Do not try to do anything at all. Just do what you would normally do if you were trying to sleep. I’ll come back in 2 minutes.

(Pause 2 minutes).

Now that 2 minutes have passed, let’s continue to allow rumination. But this time, purposely think the repetitive thoughts. Focus on them. Actually try to increase them. We are going to use the act of purposeful rumination to bring about an opposite response. That is how rumination works sometimes. Fighting it does not always help. We are going to do the opposite now. 

Ruminate on purpose. Think all the repetitive thoughts that you noticed over the last couple of minutes, and any other repetitive thoughts that tend to come up for you. It is okay if these thoughts are negative. Think them anyway, on purpose. Go ahead now, for one minute, and think all the repetitive thoughts you can.

(Pause 1 minute).

Good. One minute is up. You can relax now, and you don’t need to continue to try to ruminate. Just rest. I’m going to pause now for a moment, and during this time, just relax and allow your mind to wander. You do not need to direct your thoughts at all. Whatever thoughts come up, just allow them. There is nothing you need to do at all. 


Redirect thinking.

Now turn your attention to these words. You do not have to try to control your thoughts or direct them; all you need to do is focus on what I am saying. Allow yourself to pay attention to your breathing.

Notice your breathing. Notice the feeling of the air moving in and out of your body. Do you feel the air moving in your nostrils? Notice that feeling. 

Concentrate on your chest and sides. Do you feel them move with each breath you take? How much does your chest move with each breath? Notice this movement. Focusing all your attention on the gentle rise and fall of your chest.

Now focus on your stomach. Is your stomach moving as you breathe? Notice this gentle movement. 

Turn your attention now to your feet. First, consider how your feet feel. Second, notice what is touching your feet right now. Socks? Shoes? A blanket? The air? Third, what temperature are your feet? And finally, notice the different parts of your feet, one at a time. Start with your left foot, and notice how your toes feel.

Notice the ball of your foot. Focus on the arch of your left foot. Observe your left heel. Notice the top of your left foot. Now concentrate on your right foot. Start at the toes. Now think about the ball of your right foot. Notice the arch of your right foot. Your right heel. The top of your right foot.

Notice your state of mind.

Change focus now, and notice your state of mind. How are you feeling mentally and emotionally? How busy is your mind right now? What kind of thoughts tend to arise? Notice the quiet between thoughts. Mentally, how relaxed are you feeling right now? Do you have any anxiety or stress? Notice what it feels like. Be aware of the state of your mind in this moment. 


The script continues in the video below.

Stop Ruminating Thinking

This relaxation to stop ruminating thinking will help quiet repetitive thoughts and give your mind a break so you can fall asleep. Overcome insomnia and get …

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