Relaxing in a Warm Pool Visualization and Sleep Exercise

This visualization relaxation guides you to imagine relaxing in a warm pool. Imagine relaxing in a sunny terrarium, watching butterflies, and floating in warm water before falling asleep.

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relaxing in a warm pool visualization script
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Relaxing in a Warm Pool Visualization and Sleep Exercise Script

Get ready to relax. You may want to lie on your back with your legs and arms straight. Close your eyes and begin to create a picture in your mind. 

Imagine that you are standing next to a beautiful pool inside a terrarium. Smooth stone tiles are beneath your feet. The sun is shining, and above you can see the clear blue sky. 

The terrarium is filled with tropical plants. There are palm trees with big, green leaves…ferns and flowers…tall leafy trees. You are surrounded by lush vegetation.

The pool is small, but big enough to swim in. It is bright blue, shining like an oasis. The sun filters down through the leaves of tall trees, and the dappled light falls on the surface of the water. The water sparkles in these rays of sunlight.

Relax by the warm pool.

There is a soft, comfortable pool chair beside the water. It is the kind that is low to the ground and fully reclines.

Imagine you are feeling tired. Your body feels heavy…sluggish…and it would be so nice to sit down. Imagine walking over to the chair and sitting down, and then turning so your feet are on the chair too…like a bed. Lie back, stretching out comfortably.

The air is pleasantly warm. You notice that there are butterflies here. A large butterfly with bright blue wings flies slowly by, and lands on a pink flower. 

A black and orange butterfly lands on a leaf near you. You watch the butterfly sitting on the leaf, slowly moving its wings, and taking little steps to move and turn. When the butterfly’s wings are closed, they appear brownish grey. When the wings are open, you can see the brightly coloured top surface. Orange and black spots, and a few little flecks of white, adorn the wings of this beautiful butterfly.

Another butterfly comes to land on the branch of a nearby tree. This butterfly has iridescent wings with purple and turquoise. The colours change every time the butterfly moves its wings.

A tiny blue butterfly lands on your chair for a moment, and then flies away.


The Relaxing in a Warm Pool Visualization and Sleep Exercise script continues in the video below.

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