Stargazing Visualization Relaxation During a Meteor Shower and Aurora Borealis

In this stargazing visualization relaxation script, imagine watching the stars during a meteor shower and aurora borealis (also called northern lights). Relax as you imagine countless stars and a colourful display of light in the night sky. 

This is a sleep relaxation script that ends with a sleep countdown.

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stargazing visualization relaxation script
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This relaxation script will start with a relaxation countdown and then describe stars in the night sky, meteors, and the northern lights.

Stargazing Visualization Relaxation Script

Prepare to relax by getting into a comfortable position. Lying down on your back is best. Close your eyes, and start to relax your muscles.

Breathe slowly. Take slow breaths in, and calm breaths out. Take your time, breathing at a slow, relaxed pace.

I will count down from 10 to 1, and with each number, imagine your muscles loosening and relaxing, and your body becoming more relaxed.











Now start to create a picture in your mind. Imagine that you are outdoors in a remote northern forest. It is winter, and there is snow on the ground. You are dressed very warmly, and although the air is cool, you feel pleasantly warm. 

You are staying in a cozy little house in the forest. Picture yourself standing on the step outside, dressed in all your warm winter clothing. The sun has recently set, and the sky is streaked with pink and orange.

Tonight you are expecting a meteor shower, and so you venture out to find the perfect vantage point to watch the night sky. You are prepared for stargazing. Imagine yourself setting out with a backpack and flashlight. It is still light enough that you do not need the flashlight. You can easily see your surroundings.

The snow crunches beneath your feet as you walk along a path through the trees. Soon, you reach your destination as you step out of the forest and into a large, wide clearing. This will be the ideal place for stargazing. In the middle of the clearing is a small hill. You walk to the highest point. Here, in the middle of this wide-open space, you will have an unobstructed view of the sky.

Get comfortable and ready to look at the sky.

Imagine opening up your backpack and taking out some blankets. You spread the first blanket out on the snow, and sit down. The snow settles beneath you. You place a rolled up blanket behind your head and shoulders and lean back. You spread another blanket over your body. Imagine sinking down into the soft snow and adjusting your position until you are perfectly comfortable, leaning back to look up at the sky. You are so comfortable and warm. 

The snow and blankets are perfectly contoured to provide a supportive, reclined seat beneath you. Here you can relax as you look up at the sky in perfect comfort. Imagine sitting here in the stillness, enjoying the peace and solitude.


The sky is getting darker now. Imagine looking up at the vast expanse above you. Stars are starting to appear. Already you can see so many stars, they would be impossible to count. As the sky continues to darken, even more stars appear. It is beautiful.


The stargazing visualization relaxation script continues in this video.

Stargazing During a Meteor Shower and Aurora Borealis

In this visualization relaxation script, imagine stargazing during a meteor shower and aurora borealis (also called northern lights). Relax as you imagine co…

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