Climbing a Hill and Watching Clouds Go By

In this visualization relaxation exercise, imagine walking to the top of a peaceful hill and watching clouds go by in the bright blue sky.

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Climbing a Hill and Watching Clouds Go By
Begin by relaxing.

Find a comfortable position. Lie down on your back if you can, and get ready to relax. Let’s count down from 10 to 0. Imagine that right now, you are at a 10, and with each number, you become more relaxed.

Do a relaxation countdown here, from 10 to zero.

As you continue to relax, imagine that you are outdoors near the bottom of a grassy hill. This is a secluded, peaceful place where you can go to be by yourself and take a break. 

Imagine walking up a hill.

Imagine walking on a dirt path, getting closer to the hill. You are walking through the trees. A gentle breeze blows. The trees are gently swaying in the wind. You can hear birds singing as you walk along the path. The sun is shining. 

The path starts to go up a gradual slope. Imagine walking up the slope, and coming to the edge of the trees. The hill above you is grassy with some large rocks. The path curves up around a large rock ahead.

As you continue up the hill, the sun shines down warmly, and the breeze cools you…keeping you the perfect temperature. When you walk around the large rock, you can see in front of you a beautiful view. The horizon stretches out before you…and you can see hills and trees in the distance. 

You walk further up the hill, getting even higher, and as you gain in elevation, the view gets even better. You can see even further into the distance. 

Imagine continuing up the hill. Your legs are getting tired. Picture the feeling of your leg muscles as your steps take you up the path toward the top of the hill. Your thigh muscles start to burn with the effort of taking you up the slope. You press on, deliberately taking one step after another. 

Now you are getting closer to the top of the hill. You have walked a long distance, and the hill is quite steep here. Imagine how tired you are feeling as you continue to climb. 

You reach the top of the hill and look around.

Finally, you reach the top of the hill. You stop and look around. The effort has been worth it. Around you is a beautiful view. You can see far in the distance in every direction. You can see mountains in the distance, with snow on the highest peaks. There is a beautiful blue lake, surrounded by hills and trees. The hills at the horizon look almost blue, a little hazy. The landscape in the foreground is vibrant, with bright colours. Light green grass. Dark green trees mixed with the occasional lighter green. The blue lake. Bright yellow fields of flowers. Imagine looking around at the beautiful landscape and enjoying the view here from the top of the hill.


Imagine sitting down to rest. The sun feels so good shining down on your shoulders. You are warm…appreciating the rest after the exertion of today’s walk. Enjoy the feeling of the sun and the breeze…the sounds of birds singing….the view from this vantage point.


Now picture watching clouds go by.

Imagine lying down on your back and looking up at the sky. From here, your view of the sky is unobstructed. The sky is like a complete dome all around you, allowing you to see the sky in all directions. 

The sky is so blue…with white clouds. Imagine looking straight up. The darkest part of the sky is here, such a rich, full blue. Toward the horizon, the sky gets gradually lighter, and as it meets the horizon, the sky is a bright, light blue. 

Picture the clouds above you. They are white, brilliant. The highest clouds are moving by the fastest. Some of the lower clouds drift slowly. The sky is ever changing. Imagine watching the clouds go by. 

Continue this visualization relaxation script in the video below.