Relaxing in Hot Springs Visualization Exercise

Imagine relaxing in hot springs and then going to sleep in a cozy tent with this calming visualization exercise.relaxing in hot springs

This relaxation script starts with the visualization right away, without introductory relaxation techniques.

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Relaxing in Hot Springs Script

Begin to create a picture in your mind. Imagine that you are camping in a beautiful, secluded forest. You have set up camp in a valley next to a stream. The area is surrounded by tall mountains. The valley is grassy with a variety of wildflowers and trees. The stream is small enough that you could cross it by stepping on stones. Your tent is set up in a flat area a short distance from the stream. 

Unlike the real wilderness, this place is completely safe. You have no worries here, and the only thing you are here to do is relax. Here you are totally safe, peaceful, and free from stress.

It is evening, and the sun is still shining, but it is getting lower in the sky. The sun has almost reached the mountaintops. The air is cool. Imagine standing next to your tent and looking around at this beautiful landscape. The sky is starting to change colours as the warm glow of sunset begins, changing from a bright blue to a soft pink, with streaks of orange and purple. The clouds glow bright gold in the sun.

A beautiful evening…

The stream flows slowly, and you can hear the soothing sound of flowing water. The air is calm…only the slightest hint of a breeze moving some of the small tree leaves just slightly. As you face the stream, you can see mountains backlit by the sun. They are majestic. Huge and towering. The base of each mountain is dark green with evergreen trees. Higher up you can see where the trees become more sparse, and the mountainsides are grey, dotted with flecks of green that are the trees. Above the tree line, you see the grey of rock and the white of glaciers and snow. Deep vertical lines show where waterfalls come down the mountainsides. 

Imagine turning around to look at the other side of the valley. With the stream behind you, you can see the other side of the valley, which is made up of equally high mountains. These mountains are closer, and your campsite is nestled at the base of the closest large mountain.

Not far from your tent is the start of a hill at the base of the mountain. Nearby is a natural hot spring. Volcanic activity deep underground has heated the water, which comes to the surface here in the form of a hot spring. This nearest mountain has a series of hot spring pools. The highest pools are the hottest, and the water flows in little waterfalls down the mountainside and into a series of pools. The lowest pool is the coolest, but even it is very warm, like a hot bath.

Imagine walking up the path.

Imagine walking up the hill, away from your tent, following a path. The path is made up of soft soil and pine needles. There are also rocks along the path, and tree roots snaking across. You step over rocks and tree roots as you climb the hill to walk to the hot springs. The walk is not very far, and it doesn’t take long. 

You carry with you a bag with a nice, big towel and extra clothes. The air is cool, and getting cooler. The sun is behind the mountains now, but the sky is still bright. The colours of sunset are even more vivid now. 

You come around a curve in the path, and there before you are the hot springs. The area around the springs is made up of large, flat rocks. The water gathers in the lower parts of the rocks. It is amazing how these rocks make a perfect, natural pool. There in front of you is a lovely natural hot spring pool, about the size of a large bath tub. Steam rises from the water. The water flows from above and over the edge of a large rock, trickling down as a little waterfall. You can hear the water flowing away under the rocks…there is so much moving water here, and only some of it is above the surface of the rocks where you can see it.

Picture getting into the hot springs.

Imagine getting ready to go into the hot springs. You remove hiking shoes, socks, and outer clothes, placing them in your bag. Imagine placing your towel and a lantern conveniently next to the hot springs pool. The surface of the rock feels very cold on your feet. The air is cold now, too. You can see your breath when you exhale. Imagine the feeling of the hair on your arms and legs standing up in response to the cold.

Imagine coming to the edge of the hot water and checking the temperature with your hand or your foot. The water is perfect…just like a hot bath. The water is perfectly clean and clear, and you can see the rocks inside. They are smooth and flat, and the inside of the hot pool is like stairs in the rock. Picture stepping into the water and standing on the first stone edge. The water comes to your mid calf area. It feels so nice and hot. Already your feet are feeling more relaxed.

Feeling calm and relaxed…

Imagine stepping further into the hot pool, and finding a comfortable place to sit, so the water comes to your waist. The hot springs are so relaxing and warm. The stones are the perfect shape to allow you to lie back in the water, so the water comes all the way up to your shoulders, completely covering your body in warmth. A perfectly positioned stone edge allows you to rest your head, leaning back in complete relaxation.

Imagine the feeling of the water warming your entire body. Relaxing in hot springs feels wonderful. Your body feels light…buoyant…weightless. The air is cool on your face, and it feels so nice. Your body is warm and completely comfortable. 

The visualization relaxation script continues. Listen to the entire script in the video below.

Relaxing in Hot Springs Visualization Exercise

Imagine relaxing in hot springs and then going to sleep in a cozy tent with this calming visualization exercise. This relaxation script starts with the visua…

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