Quick 5-Minute Relaxation

A quick 5-minute relaxation break to reduce stress and feel calm. Relax your muscles and de-stress in just 5 minutes with a full body passive progressive muscle relaxation. You only need a few minutes to be able to relax, get rid of tension, and reduce anxiety. This short relaxation script…

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Feeling Cool and Relaxed to Get to Sleep

Do you have difficulty getting to sleep because you feel too warm? This guided relaxation can help you get to sleep more easily on warm nights or if you feel too hot to sleep. Imagine feeling cool and relaxed by visualizing a peaceful, cool setting and a pleasant feeling of…

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Sleep Visualization: Peaceful Ridge Overlooking a Valley

a valley and mountains from a ridge

This sleep visualization relaxation script describes walking along a peaceful ridge overlooking a valley, and then sitting on the porch at a cozy house as the sun sets. Imagine being in nature and drifting off to sleep as you overlook a wide valley surrounded by mountains. Take a mental vacation!…

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