Autogenic Relaxation Technique

Relax by imagining that your body feels heavy and warm with this autogenic relaxation technique. 

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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the autogenic relaxation technique was invented by Johannes Heinrich Schultz, a German Psychiatrist. Autogenic relaxation allows you to relax by imagining that your body feels heavy and warm. Imagining these sensations can alter the blood flow in your body so that it matches the way your blood vessels would be while you are relaxed. In other words, you use your mind to create a feeling of relaxation in the body.

autogenic relaxation technique

Begin the Autogenic Relaxation Technique

When you are ready to begin, find a comfortable position. Lying down is best. If you place your arms by your sides and your legs straight and uncrossed, this will allow the best blood flow for relaxation. 

Start to allow your body and mind to slow down. Observe your breathing. Just pay attention for a few moments. Notice each breath, without trying to change anything. You may find that if you were doing something active right before this, or if you were feeling anxious, your breathing might be quite fast. That is okay. Just notice your breathing for a few moments.


Notice how your breathing changes as you lie still. Your breaths might become slower…and deeper. To begin to create a feeling of relaxation, take a few slow, deep breaths. Start by breathing in slowly. Then pause. And now breathe slowly out. 

Inhale through your nose…pause…and breathe out through your mouth. 

Breathe in…pause…exhale. 

In through your nose…pause…and out through your mouth. 

Good. Keep breathing slowly. Then allow your breathing to be steady, calm, and relaxed. 

Breathe slowly now, at your own relaxed pace…gradually becoming more and more relaxed and calm.


As you breathe, taking in nice relaxing breaths, it may help to silently repeat to yourself, “my breathing is steady. I am calm.”

(Continued in the video below.)

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