Relaxing Beach Getaway Visualization

Take a tropical vacation in your imagination with this relaxing beach getaway visualization. Lounge at a luxurious patio and pool and walk along a peaceful white sand beach.

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Relaxing Beach Getaway Script

Start by getting into a relaxed position. Begin to relax your muscles by consciously releasing any tight areas and letting your muscles become loose.

Focus on a few key areas, and by relaxing these muscles, your body will start to experience relaxation. Relax your feet and legs. Let your feet and legs go limp and loose. 

Now let your hands and arms go loose, relaxing the muscles of your hands and arms completely.

Relax your face and jaw. Nice and loose and relaxed. Let your mouth be loose and slack.

Relax your neck. Let the muscles of your neck give up their hold.

Relax your shoulders. Let them become limp and loose…allowing any muscle tension to disappear.

Concentrate on your breathing.

Now concentrate on your breathing, and allow your breaths to become slow and relaxed. Breathe as I count to five. Breathing in…two…three…four…five…hold…and now breathe out…one…two…three…four…five. Pause. 

Breathe in 2, 3, 4, 5. Hold for a moment. And exhale…1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Pause.

Breathe in again…2, 3, 4, 5. Pause…and breathe out…1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Keep breathing slowly…letting every breath relax you.

As you breathe, imagine the gentle rise and fall of each breath matching flowing waves…waves washing in…and then washing out…in…and out…

Imagine a peaceful beach.

Imagine that you are at a beautiful beach. The waves are washing to shore.

Create a picture in your mind of this serene and peaceful beach. You are alone here, enjoying the solitude. 

Imagine yourself lying on a comfortable lounge chair. The sun shines down, warm and relaxing. 

Your lounge chair is sitting on a sandy stone patio. The patio is right on the beach. White sand stretches before you to the bright aquamarine blue water. The beach is long, with smooth sand you can see for a distance in both directions along the water’s edge. Behind you, the patio leads to a little hut with food and water and everything you need. 

Your lounge chair is facing the ocean. To your right is a small pool. You have the pool all to yourself. Its clean water looks inviting. On the far side of the pool is a large rock formation with a waterfall that cascades down into the pool. On the near side there are stairs made of natural stone. The pool looks natural, as if it belongs here and is part of the landscape. 

To your left, the edge of the patio meets a beautiful garden with bright pink flowers, fruit trees, and palm trees.

Behind you, on the far side of the hut, is a tropical forest with a variety of trees and lush green plants.

Picture this peaceful tropical location where you are relaxing in your lounge chair. It is so nice to be here in this peaceful place, where you can relax undisturbed.


Picture the soft, white sand.

The white sand at the edge of the patio looks so soft. Imagine going over to the edge of the stone patio and sitting in a chair right there next to the sand. Imagine putting your feet in the warm, soft sand. You have never felt sand so fine and soft before. Imagine the warm sand against your feet. 

Picture moving your feet in this ultra-soft sand. The sand is so fine…almost like flour…and it is warm from the sun. It feels so good on your feet. Imagine burrowing your feet into the sand to completely surround your feet in this warm, soft, fine sand.


The relaxing beach getaway script continues in the video below.

Relaxing Beach Getaway Visualization

Take a tropical vacation in your imagination with this relaxing beach getaway visualization. Lounge at a luxurious patio and pool and walk along a peaceful w…

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