Sleep Visualization: Lounging in the Sun

Go to sleep as you imagine lying on a comfortable chair with the sun shining down and palm trees gently swaying. This sleep visualization relaxation is a remix from previously recorded relaxation scripts including Relaxation for Falling Asleep at Dusk and Fall Asleep Fast Relaxation. Check out this episode! Sleep…

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Sleep Visualization: Peaceful Ridge Overlooking a Valley

a valley and mountains from a ridge

This sleep visualization relaxation script describes walking along a peaceful ridge overlooking a valley, and then sitting on the porch at a cozy house as the sun sets. Imagine being in nature and drifting off to sleep as you overlook a wide valley surrounded by mountains. Take a mental vacation!…

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Sleep Visualization – Painting Warm Clay to Relax Muscles

In this calming sleep visualization, imagine painting warm clay onto your face, feet, hands and any tight muscles to fully relax your body and fall asleep. Feel the tension draining away as you imagine a feeling of warmth and relaxation…until you are able to fall asleep peacefully.  Check out this…

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