Gentle Rain and Thunder Sounds

Try this calming rain and thunder sounds binaural audio as a calming background track. This audio track has no lyrics and no talking; it is just a rainstorm. Perfect white noise for relaxing background rainstorm sounds to play while reading relaxation scripts.

Rain splashes gently. Hear the raindrops falling on the roof, grass, sidewalk, and pavement. Listen to the water trickling down the eaves and running through drainage pipes. The sounds of raindrops and flowing water are calm and peaceful. This rainstorm involved light rain, which varied throughout the storm. At times the rain fell gently and softly. Other times, the rain fell faster. The thunder varied. Sometimes it was just a gentle, rolling rumble. Occasionally there was a louder thunderclap, but the storm was gentle, and even these louder thunderclaps sound calm and relaxed.

Play or download the sounds of rain and thunder audio below, or use this direct download link.

Thunderstorm Sounds for Relaxation: Binaural Audio of Rain and Thunder

Binaural audio recording of rain and thunder. Listen to the calming, peaceful sounds of a thunderstorm to relax. Excellent background sound or white noise fo…

Calming rain and thunder sounds binaural audio background track. No lyrics. No talking. Just a calming thunderstorm background audio recording.

What is Binaural Audio?

This is a binaural audio recording, an immersive audio experience that sounds like you are surrounded by a calming thunderstorm. This recording of a gentle rainstorm and peaceful, rumbling thunder was recorded with binaural microphones, which means that a separate microphone recorded the sounds specially for each ear. The thunderstorm experience is in stereo and sounds just like you are there, sitting on a porch and listening to the rain and thunderstorm.

Listen with headphones or surround sound speakers to fully appreciate the immersive audio experience. This background audio track was recorded from a porch with open sides, so you can hear the rain falling nearby. The thunderstorm moved slowly through the area, and you can hear the thunder as it travels gently across the sky. The unique sound detected by each ear makes it sound as if you are really there in this afternoon thunderstorm.

Rain and Thunder Sounds for Sleep

Listening to a rainstorm is a peaceful way to get to sleep. This audio is perfect for relaxation, studying, white noise, background noise, and falling asleep. I love the sound of rain!

To hear this audio in the background with a guided relaxation script to help you fall asleep, check out Sounds of Rain and Thunder: Gentle Rainstorm Relaxation for Sleep.