Anxiety Relief Meditation

This anxiety relief meditation relaxation exercise uses muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and meditation to help decrease anxiety.

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anxiety relief meditation relaxation with music

Anxiety Relief Meditation Relaxation Script

To begin, get comfortable, and then notice the places in your body that feel the most tense. Anxiety can cause tension and several unpleasant physical symptoms. Relaxation can relieve these symptoms.

Before you start to relax, first focus on breathing. The very first thing to do is to breathe out, blowing the air out through your mouth, as if you are blowing out a candle.

Go ahead and breathe in when you are done exhaling.

Again, blow out all the air…and see how your lungs refill naturally.

Once you are finished breathing in, breathe out again. Exhale as if you are breathing out tension, blowing it away. Your lungs naturally refill, allowing you to inhale without any effort.

Breathe slowly, naturally.

Keep breathing. Pause, now, and notice your breathing, and then, any time that your breathing feels difficult, take a moment to exhale, blowing air through your mouth forcefully to expel the tension. Continue to breathe.

Now let’s relax the muscles that tend to become the most tense.

Raise your shoulders toward your ears. Then, let your shoulders relax…dropping into a comfortable, loose position, and feel yourself sinking into the surface you are on.

Allow your jaw to drop slightly, letting the muscles of your face and jaw become loose and relaxed.

Wiggle your toes once or twice and feel your feet and legs relaxing.

Gently open and close your hands once…and again…and then relax your hands and arms.

Next, take a deep breath in, and then feeling the tension in your chest and stomach as you hold that breath…

And allow your chest and stomach to relax as the breath escapes slowly.

Now allow the muscles of your back to relax. Start from your neck, and then continue to your upper back…then middle back…lower back…feeling your whole body relaxing.


The anxiety relief meditation continues in this relaxation video.

Anxiety Relief Meditation with Music

This relaxation exercise uses muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and meditation to help decrease anxiety. Music Credit: New Direction by Kevin MacLeodLink: h…

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